MAGIC Dispositif pour faire du t...

MAGIC Dispositif pour faire du thé et du café 500 ml

The Tea Makers of London


Tea Infusers are a great to explore the world of tea. It is easy to use and make tea drinking more enjoyable and less of a chore. Tea Infusers offer you the freedom to choose different types of teas and flavours and from across the world that are largely available in loose tea form. Ideal for office as it requires little space and minimum fuss in maintenance. Most of the gourmet tea varieties offer 2 to 3 brews from the same leaf and with the Tea Infuser you will be able to get more out of the tea. The Tea Infuser can be a great accessory if you want to buy your own tea leaves and mix up your own different blends of herbs and teas. This way you are not stuck buying only what you can find on the supermarket shelf but you can literally make any tea your heart desires.Automatic shut-off system of this Tea & Coffee Maker makes it easy to prepare tea or coffee and only to release the liquid once the teamaker is placed on a cup. As soon as it is lifted up again, the flow is automatically stopped. Please do not touch the base of the magic maker while in use as this may release the hot liquid. Made of Heat resistant plastic,which is suitable for food processing. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe. How to make a cuppa using this Tea & Coffee Maker; 1. Fill the filter with the loose tea or coarsely ground coffee. 2. Pour boiling water slowly over the tea or coffee. 3.After the desired brewing time place the Magic Tea Maker on top of a cup and the finely filtered beverage flows into your cup. 4. Once the Magic Tea Maker is lifted up, the flow of the liquid automatically stops. Included are:1 X Magic Tea and Coffee Maker 1XPlastic rest for the tea Maker **Please note that the cup is not included



The Tea Makers of London

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